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Winning stand design concepts

Starting the preparation of an exhibition stand? The question is how to create a winning design concept, to reach the marketing targets and create the right message to the audience. It's not an easy question to answer specially for first time entrepreneurs.

There are many parameters and details on how a stand design can deliver a successful exhibition result. The selection of the designer, the clear brief with the requirements the target budget are the first steps for the approach.

Selecting the right type of stand design

Selecting the right type of stand design, that fits with the corporate identity should be in first place.
Fits a more minimalist style or a complex and luxury environment? How should the space be organized? Open space, more closed or with semi-closed meeting rooms for deeper negotiations and discussions?
What message will the stand deliver? What message transmits the stand in 10 to 20 meters distance and what message the stand transmits in 2 - 3 meters? From how far is the stand visible?

After setting all exhibition targets, a clear brief can be defined; wich is the starting point to deliver an organized request to a professional exhibition stand designer.

stand design  stand realization 
Stand design for exhibitions.

stand design  stand realization 
Exhibition stand design and build.

Stunning designs can make the difference

Several of the most important designers in the exhibition industry, searching for more creative and better solutions. With a history of over 15 years in stand design for exhibitions is a creative place where award winning designers implement the art of visual communication and will take your exhibition presentation to the next level.

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